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Notes & Definitions:

• All PowerKits are a complete power solution: including the engine, cooling system and air cleaner.

• All ratings above 1L are rounded up and are for guidance only, please refer to the specific engine technical

data sheet for more information.

• Electrical output is based on assumed alternator efficiency and is for guidance only.

• kVA Figures are calculated using a Typical Power Factor of 0.8.

• All ratings data is based on operation under ISO 8528-1, ISO 3046, DIN6271 conditions using typical fan sizes and

drive ratios. Performance tolerance is ±5%.

• Test conditions: 100kPa, 25°C air inlet temperature, relative humidity 30%, with fuel density 0.84 kg/L.

• Prime Power (PRP) – Unrestricted running time; time at full load ≤500 hrs/year; load variation ≤75% of rated power;

10% overload 1hr/12hrs.

• Standby Power (ESP) – Running time ≤600 hrs/year; load variation ≤75% of rated power; no overload permitted.

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